NEW for 2013 is an updated map of the Dick Smith & Matilija Wilderness, check it out!

If you are an outdoor recreationalist who lives in Southern or Central California, or if you've ever wanted to explore the coastal mountains and canyons of Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties - then this site is for you.

Over the past 15 years I've been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time hiking, camping and exploring the local mountains of SB and Ventura. I also happen to be a cartographer. After enduring a particularly frustrating hike across the Hurricane Deck, where the mileage differed drastically between the existing maps, trail signs and actual mileages - one thing led to another and next thing I knew I was making maps of the hiking and mountain trails of this area, and loving it!

In 2003, after 3 months in the backcountry and hundreds of hours on the computer, I released my first map of the San Rafael Wilderness. I had so much fun building that map, that I had to do it again. In 2006 I dreamt up an idea to map the areas between the San Rafael and the Sespe Wildernesses and in 2008 the Dick Smith & Matilija Wilderness map was completed.

Since 2003 so much has changed throughout the SB backcountry. Between volunteer trail maintenance projects, some wet seasons and most importantly, F I R E S, the trails and landscape has changed dramatically. The time was right to update the San Rafael Map. I spent most of the 2008-09 season backpacking through the San Raf and checking trails, mileages, camps and hidden secret spots. In early August 09 the map was complete and ready for print. Then on the Sunday before the scheduled print run, the La Brea Fire broke out in the Norhern San Rafael. After almost word-for-word saying "STOP THE PRESSES", the print run was delayed until after the La Brea Fire finished its rampage through the Sierra Madre Mtns. Long story short: an updated map of the San Rafael Wilderness map was released in mid October 09.

Better than the first, the new updated San Rafael Wilderness Map includes both the Zaca Fire and La Brea Fire burn perimeters, updated trail conditions, new geographic points of interest, expanded coverage of the Northern San Rafael, new trails and much much more...... I lightened up some colors, changed the artwork and added so many details - its a must-have for anyone who spends time in the Santa Barbara Backcountry.

With the San Raf map updated and ready to roll, in 2011 I refocused on updating the Dick Smith & Matilija map. For this version of the map I wanted to do something that would clearly differentiate my maps from the competitors - so I added a backside to the map. What was previously white is now filled with all sorts of useful hiking information such as elevation profiles, informational writeups on each of the trails, a mileage chart and many many more photos. I also spent much of 2011-12 exploring the wilderness areas while noting trail conditions and other useful tidbits to include on the map. I think its the best map yet. Have at it......

I hope you put the maps to good use and please if you have any questions or comments about the map, trails, trip routes or anything else map/backcountry related, feel free to drop me an email:

Thank you very much for your support and happy trails,


Bryan Conant

If you have plans of exploring any of the Santa Barbara or Ventura backcountry areas, I think you'll find that these maps will enhance your experience on the trail and at the same time help you plan your trip from home.

Both maps are extremely detailed; featuring trail conditions, camp locations, trail mileages, points of interest, shaded mountain relief, GPS grid coordinates, and are printed on tear resistant waterproof paper. The maps are useful for all outdoor recreation; including hiking, equestrian use, motorcycling, mountain biking, dirt biking, OHV, backpacking, climbing, and those of us seeking a relaxing break from the grind.

For more information about each map click on the map area above or on the map titles below. I've also provided a listing of place names that occur within each map. If you know a place you'd like to visit use your browsers find option and enter in the name of that place you wish to visit. This should help you figure out which map covers the area you are interested in. If this low-tech solution fails, feel free to email me and I'll help as best I can:


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